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Sony's newest entry into the Palm OS PDA market. There are two models: the NR70 and the NR70V. Both sport a built in MP3 player, 320x480 screen with 'soft' graffiti area (meaning that the graffiti area is produced by the LCD and can therefore be minimized), a jog dial, an enhanced range infrared port with software that enables the control of home A/V appliances, a Sony Memory Stick slot and 16 MB of RAM, and a built in keyboard. The screen is on a swivel mount, and the handheld can be used in two ways.

1. The keyboard out and the screen up.

2. The keyboard swiveled behind the screen, and the screen facing out (handheld mode).

Unfortunately, the buttons are mounted on the keyboard section, so playing games that require the hard buttons in handheld mode is a major problem.

The NR70V also features a low-resolution color digital camera that uses a 100,000 pixel CCD. The only problem with these amazing handhelds is the price: the NR70V MSRP's at $599, and the NR70 costs $499. One could pick up a cheap laptop, or, indeed, a Pocket PC, and be able to do much more.

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