Sound Typist is a downloadable keyboard utility exclusively for Windows. I can't seem to remember if I got it running on linux or not. The premise of the software is that it adds responsive audio feedback to every keystroke that you make; when you press a key, your computer makes a sound. With the typewriter sound set, the "enter" key makes a carriage return ding, which is pretty thoughtful.

You can choose from 20 different sets of sounds. They are:

1) Pop 1

2) Pop 2

3) Melodic Marimba

4) Mysterious Marimba

5) Good vibes

6) Strange vibes

7) Growls

8) Clapping

9) Cheering

10) Fireworks

11) Squeaks

12) Squeaks low

13) Bell typewriter

14) Clicky 1

15) Clicky 2

16) Clicky 3

17) Clicky 4

18) Gore

19) Burp

20) Detuned piano

I have my sound typist set to automatically start with Windows, and the sound set that I use is "clicky one". I quite like having a click every time I make a keystroke. It helps with entering passwords very quickly and not having to wonder "did that keystroke register?"

Another feature of the software is adjusting the volume with which it produces the audio feedback. I have mine set to 10% so that it's still audible, but quiet compared to other sounds.

If you want to buy Sound Typist, it is $4.20 on I haven't found anything like it, and it's one of the better purchases that I've made.


// Brevity Quest 2023

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