Voice Attack is a software for Windows that allows you to execute computer macros with your voice. It can be set to "press keys", move and click the mouse, play certain things in text-to-speech, record your voice for dictation, and other miscellany. It's freemium; there is a trial version that has all the features, but limits you to one profile and a small number of commands. The full version has multiple profile support and unlimited commands.

You can also use this software to create traditional macros that only execute when certain keys are pressed. On the command creation screen, you can set the command to "normal", "restricted continous speech", or "continuous speech". The phrase "continuous speech" means that it will search for the keyword in the middle of a sentence or phrase that you say, and if it detects the keyword it will activate the macro. "Restricted" continuous speech means that it will activate if it is in the beginning of the sentence or phrase that you say. Normal means that the macro has to be isolated.

I use this software with the video game Elite: Dangerous in order to activate various parts of my ship: "deploy heatsink", "engage supercruise", "retract cargo scoop", "engage night vision", that sort of stuff.

One thing that's super cool about this is that other space game enthusiasts have created voice packs with various famous people. If I were to buy these voice packs, I could hear William Shatner's voice say "hardpoints deployed" and "charging frame shift drive"; he would become the voice of my ship. There are other Star Trek people too. If I had the money for it, I'd probably get Brent Spiner.


// Brevity Quest 2023

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