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The first CD release from the bizarre electronica group Legion of Green Men. Released under the Post Contemporary label in June, 1996, and distributed by Virgin.

Spatial Specific is the strangest music I have had the pleasure of listening to. It is lovingly crafted, incredibly variable. Each track follows on from the last with no break, with the exception of the break between tracks 6 and 7. There are no lyrics to speak of, but brief quotes from various strange sources grace the background from time to time. ("Lets get things nice and sparkling clean", "This world is half the Devil's and my own").

Many of the tracks have little merit on their own, but only add to the wonderful conglomarate of congealed strangeness. For instance, track one consists of someone introducing track one by name, and the sound of a piece of audio equipment being plugged in, and track two consists of several minutes of disturbing laughter. Track three, however, drops you quickly into a fast-paced and intricately intertwined piece of truly indescribable music.

For most of the album, each track consists of several instruments (all of which are synthesised or electronically altered) entering and exiting the flow in a similar fashion to more conventional dance, trance, house music and other generic electronica, but the baseline melodies are... strange, and each instrument is being constantly altered in many ways. No instrument sounds the same for a second, and the sheer quality of the music is overpowering.

I wish I were an authority on electronica, so I could do justice to this triumph of the bizarre. Stewart Mason of www.allmusic.com says that it is "like the most experimental arm of 70's Krautrock", likening it to The Faust Tapes. He also says it is too trippy and not beat-driven enough to be dance music, but similar enough to dance that it can't be considered experimental. The video clip of track three, "Synaptic Response" won the "Best Altenative Video" award from MunchMusic in 1997. A review at www.feedbackmonitor.com described the album as "(a) wonderfully psychedelic album of outerworldly chilled-out techno".

Spatial Specific caught the attention of the electronic music world, but since it was four years bofore they released their next album, "Floating in Shallow Water", and due to their penchant for attributing their work to a range of different pseudonyms, the group sadly slipped into obscurity

Track Listing

  1. To Kiss the Hare's Foot
  2. Zero Equals Infinity
  3. Synaptic Response (Faculties Of Cognition)
  4. Evolutionary Approach
  5. Time Tunnel
  6. Veneration of the Goddess
  7. Interim Opuscule #57
  8. Extended Shadows
  9. Logarhythm One Point Two
  10. Ashes Rolling Over (Still Or Nearly Still)
  11. The Philosopher's Stone (Part 2 )
  12. Noise Floor
  13. External Opuscule #55

Refrences: www.allmusic.com, www.feedbackmonitor.com, www.eye.net, acmi.canoe.ca

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