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A zx spectrum made by Amstrad which suffered from all the problems of amstrad queezing their DOS into the ROM causing it to crash all the time, but without the disk drive it was there to support.

Not only that but Amstrad never managed to make the disk interface that would allow you to add an external disk drive to it.

I did hear from someone that you could stick an Amiga disk drive onto the expansion port without too much modification though.

As opposed to the grey Spectrum +2, the 128k +2A was a cool black colour. It featured, as did the +2, a built-in cassette player - which reduced the amount of hassle associated with the older models (in which a separate cassette player and linking was required). Another distinct difference was the keyboard, the familiar nowadays plastic keys as opposed to the 48k's tofu/rubber set.

Perhaps one of the best features was the marketing strategy to package the game themed on the Bond movie, The Living Daylights. It came with a cassette featuring the game, an audio cassette with the mission briefings, a slightly inaccurate lightgun, and a natty James Bond passport (made of paper).

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