A zx spectrum 128 with a horrible amstrad disk drive bolted on and extra bits of ROM stuck in which made it crash when you tried to use programs designed for the original zx spectrum.

The 128K spectrums all had a 48K mode which let you use the old software without any trouble. At least that's what I think. I recently set up my +3 for a good game of CRL's Formula One, and it crashed a bit even in 48K mode. But I'm opting to think that this is because of the computer being a little on the old side, since I can't remember having any trouble with it in it's heyday.

I always thought (and still do) the 3" diskettes were cool, you could use both sides :-). To my regret the disk drive of my +3 seems to have given up on me, so the biggest feature of the machine is pretty much gone, but even so I'm very glad I still have it around!

In fact, the ZX Spectrum +3 is probably my favourite computer of all time, and I've had a few (ZX Spectrum, ZX Spectrum +, Sinclair QL, ZX Spectrum +3, SAM Coupè (believe it or not!), Atari ST (in many variants), Commodore Amiga (500 and 1200) and the now bog-standard PC)

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