Special item found in Squaresoft's PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy X. Literally means "Loser Sphere."

Squaresoft is famous for having "side quests" in its games, and FFX is no different. Whether it's racing Chocobos (large chickens) or playing Blitzball (sort of like violent water polo), it seems that no matter where you journey in a Squaresoft game, there's a secret, hidden game you could be playing.

Within Final Fantasy X's Sanubia Desert, there is a large rock with a picture of a Cactuar on it. (A Cactuar, if you must know, is a small, cactus-like person...good grief, do I have to explain everything?) After you find this rock, a side-quest begins in which you must find ten Cactuars hidden throughout the desert. Each time you find a Cactuar, he/she/it challenges you to a game of "Red Light, Green Light." If you win one of the the games and successfully creep up on the little sucker, he gives you his sphere to place in the aforementioned large, Cactuar-emblazoned rock. If you lose the game, the little bastard laughs and runs away, leaving you with a Sphere del Perdedor and shame...lots and lots of shame.

I was quite amused when I learned that "Perdedor" == "Loser." After all, some stupid little cactus was calling me a loser! (I wonder how he found out? Someone must have told him...) So these days, I strive to move "Sphere del Perdedor" into the vernacular, using it as a faux "prize" for stupidity.

Missed the big shot and blew the game for the home team? Lost that report your boss is screaming about? Got caught by one wife while you were sleeping with the other? Here's my response: "Wow, you really oughta get a Sphere del Perdedor for that kind of performance!"

It hasn't caught on yet, but I feel certain that it will in time.


On a side note, if anyone reading this writeup does indeed happen to own Final Fantasy X and is attempting to complete the aforementioned side quest, here are the locations of each of the ten Cactuars (you must approach each in the correct order):

1. At the beginning of the desert, near the first save sphere.
2. In the Northeast, beyond the second save sphere and the Al Bhed tent.
3. In the western end of the desert, next to the sign that advertises “20% off.”
4. At the ruins in the eastern end of the desert.
5. Same as #4, above.
6. Again in the eastern end of the desert, this time near the save sphere under the tent.
7. Inside a treasure chest near the northwest corner of the desert.
8. Inside one of the quicksand/whirlpools in the central area of the desert.
9. On the deck of the airship. (You’ll have to use a save sphere to teleport back up.)
10. At the original large Cactuar rock/statue, where the whole thing started.

Once you have found all of the Cactuars and placed their respective spheres in the large Cactuar rock, the sandstorm will end and you’ll be able to enter the northeastern part of the desert. This is the Village of the Cactuars and it is where you’ll find the Mercury Sigil, which you’ll need to power-up Auron’s Celestial Weapon, the Masamune.

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