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Full name of Squall, protagonist of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII. Member of SeeD, an elite international mercenary force whose actual specific purpose is to combat the Sorceress. He is a competent fighter and an equally so leader, despite his efforts to maintain a cold, even heartless image.

Squall uses a gunblade in battle, an interesting sword-revolver combination weapon capable of unleashing devastating attacks upon the enemy horde when used correctly. His ultimate attack, Lion Heart, is fully capable of dealing a good 100,000+ points of damage -- enough to put almost anything out of commission with one shot.

The main character of Final Fantasy VIII -- a teen afflicted with severe social anxiety who seems angry, cold, and dissociated to others. He works/goes to school at SeeD, an organization of mercenaries. His main weapon is the gunblade. His main rival is Seifer Almasy, who gives him his trademark scar on his forehead (in retaliation, he gave Seifer a similar scar). His teacher is Quistis Trepe. He is 17 years old, 177 cm tall (I use the Metric system, live with it). He was born on August 23. His blood type is AB. His main symbol is that of the lion -- he displays the lion on his necklace and ring. I want to avoid spoilers, but he does meet a girl named Rinoa Heartilly later in the game, who is obviously the love interest.

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