Talking to someone else on a computer screen, and it was so... easy to find the words then. Somehow we drifted to snow angels, (even then it wasn't at all what we're talking about, only tens of thoughts crammed into one sentence). I don't think I can ever manage that sort of casual transmission of mass thoughts to you.

'Remember the cold and a steamy house when you were finished outside? Remember your mom fake bitching about where you left your soggy stuff? Remember snow angels? Mine always got messed up, I was never the most graceful of people.'

'I remember everything. Snow angels. You're a snow angel. :). Mom made hot cocoa'

I ain't no angel, believe me. Still, that is entirely tangential to what was actually being said.

Lately I have been having difficulty talking to you on the phone. I always had difficulty and it's the dumbest thing, how I can talk so easily when I am face to face with you, but through wires, the phone or computer, somehow with you I cannot manage to condense anything I want to say into any semblance of coherence.

Is it because the thoughts are too jumbled? Is it because they're too lucid and bulky? Because I can't manage any flippant angel remarks, without feeling ridiculous? I would feel ridiculous, because that's not at all what I even want to say, not too much and not too little, just nothing I'd ever think of saying and you'd know, you would, that it wasn't me and it was all wrong and I would still not have told you anything that hinted at what I was trying to say.

'Yeah, so, hi. Whassup?'

I don't want to say something meaningless like that, You're an angel ,(and in context, it wasn't meaningless at all) I'm just trying, always aiming for a short sentence that doesn't have to be true but will say what I'm trying to say.

Like so:

'I'm coming over soon and I WILL KIDNAP YOUR SOUL.'

That's right.

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