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Gas is straight forward in as much as you will either have a supply or not. If you can find a meter take a reading and register with your local gas showroom (You might need to ask for a pre-payment meter before they are happy) they are normally OK about letting you have a supply. There might be a large handle next to the meter you need to turn to get the supply going. Once you have done this, go round the house and check throughly for leaks. If there is not a meter in place , do not try and connect the pipes. The meter contains a one way blow-back, pressure regulation valve which is vital to the safety of the supply. You can use bottled gas as an alternative for cooking and heating. Bear in mind that strictly speaking this should be blue bottle gas, not red bottle gas as this is illegal to use inside buildings (as a result of the Ronan Point disaster when a red gas bottle blew up inside a block of flats) - however red gas is much better for cooking on though it should strictly be store outside (you could always run a pipe through the kitchen window.

Heating: If you find there are old gas fire installed you should be wary of carbon monoxide emissions - buy yourself a detector -they are dirt cheap and may save your life.

Cooker: To connect a cooker you will need a roll of PTFE tape (from a DIY store) and some washing up liquid. Wrap a couple of layers of PTFE tape round the screw thread on the end of the hose that comes form the back of the cooker - you may need to do it a couple of times to get in neat - then screw this into the fitting on the end of the pipe that comes from the wall - smear the joint liberally with washing up liquid (very slightly diluted) and check for bubbles of gas leaking form the joint - repeat this test again at regular intervals to make sure. If there is a chain on the back of the cooker it should be attached to a suitable fitting on the wall to prevent the cooker tipping over.

Remember gas is inherently dangerous. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK I'm not going to take liability if you blow yourself up.

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