Founded in 1963 by Lord Alan Bullock.

The master of the college is Sir Peter Williams.

The admissions tutor is Dr Louise Fawcett.

Courses not offered:

Or any combination of these subjects. Physiology is only offered when in PPP.

Website -

See University of Oxford for a list of all courses offered by the university.

St.Catherine's College, founded in 1963, is the newest Oxford undergraduate college. It is located on the far east of the town centre, approximately 10 minutes walk from Broad Street and the same distance from the Science area.

Infamously, St Catherine's was designed by legendary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. After much studying of other, traditional colleges tofind what made them 'special' he designed an open, minimalist structure based around a circular, grassed quad. Unsurprisingly opinions about the design (also including a statue by Barbara Hepworth and a yellow-bricked moat) vary from "Scandinavian genius" to "60s concrete monstrosity". Whatever your opinion of the design, it certainly embodies the college's motto - 'Nova et Vetera" (the old and the new).

Recently, St Catz has gained a reputation for high academic standards, finishing 4th in the most recent Norrington Table. This, coupled with dwindling college funds, has led to an ever-growing number of international students joining the college (50 at the last count).

Obviously the most important part of any college is it's college bar and St. Catz has one of the largest and most popular around. Famous for it's late opening hours, drinkers should beware that non-Catz students get no discount. On a similar note, the JCR has a beautifully large TV and the dining hall is surprisingly cosy. As far as college facilities go, St Catz is adequately endowed with music rooms, tennis courts, punt house and a gym. The undergraduate rooms themselves are a mixed bag, some with en suite and others without sinks. The main 'Entz' event of the year is in week 7 of the Michaelmas Term to 'celebrate' the beheading of namesake St. Catherine of Alexandria.

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