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The Star Force is the crew of the battleship Yamato in Starblazers. The officers of the Star Force are:

Captain Avatar - Commanding Officer/Captain
Derek Wildstar - Deputy Captain/Wave Motion Gun Operator
Mark Venture - Navigator/Pilot
Nova - Radar/Asst. Navigator, Derek's girlfriend
Sandor - Repair Coordinator/Scout Leader/Anything and Everything guy
Orion - Wave motion engine/Engine supervisor
Homer - Communications Officer
Dash - Gunnery Leader
Conroy - Black Tiger Leader

Other notables:
IQ-9 - Genius Robot and Tomato Juice maker
Mimi - Rescued kitty and mascot of the Star Force
Dr. Sane - Ship doctor/drinker

The crew remains the same throughout Quest for Iscandar and Comet Empire, but is for the most part replaced in Bolar Wars.

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