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Desslok is the leader of the Gamilon Empire in Starblazers . Desslok's main goal is to expand his empire and defeat the Star Force. He has blue skin like most Gamilons. He has blonde hair,and is normally seen in Gamilon uniform with a black and red cape. He is a heavy drinker, but a fairly good military strategist. He often complains about the Star Force and the inability of his officers to capture them.

Desslok first appears in Quest for Iscandar. He controls one of the largest and most powerful fleets in the galaxy. When the Star Force rose up to defend Earth against Gamilon, Desslok was infuriated. Eventually, Desslok takes over command and tries his hand at catching the Star Force. Some of the best battle scenes in Starblazers take place between Desslok's fleet and the Yamato.

In the second series, Desslok miraculously survived the destruction of Gamilon (and his flagship) and went on to become an officer for the Comet Empire. At this point he was only concerned about destroying the Star Force. However, he has as much trouble catching the Yamato as he does trying to make Zordar's daughter Invidia listen to him. At the end of the series, he is touched by Nova's love for Derek Wildstar and agrees to stop hunting the ship and leave the Earth in peace.

In Bolar Wars, Desslok comes back on the scene, but this time as a good guy. Unaware that his men have been hunting the Yamato, Desslok apologizes to the crew and invites them to the new Gamilon. He aids the Star Force in their quest to find a new planet, and offers to help them restore the sun. He eventually destroys the evil Bolar Federation and returns peacefully to his new planet Gamilon. He is, in my opinion, a wonderful villain and a hero as well.

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