Almost compleatly different story than the final Star Wars. It also is even closer to Lucas's main inspirations for the film, The Hidden Fortress and Flash Gordon.

The story was about the Jedi-Bendu helping the small planet of Aquilae from attack by the Galactic empire. The empire attacked Aquilae in order to obtain genetic/cloning technology.

The main characters are include Annikin Starkiller, Kane Starkiller (a cyborg and Annikin's father), Luke Skywalker (a general on Aquilae), Princess Leia Aquilae, R2-D2, C-3P0, Darth Vader (not a sith lord), Prince Valorum (a sith lord).

An interesting thing is that the modern Vader is actutally a combination of Kane and Valorum. Kane sacrifices his life to save the crew, and Valorum turns away from the dark side (although at this time the idea of the Force hadn't been hammered out). Vader was actually more like Grand Moff Tarkin than the callous sith lord he was eventually rewritten into.

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