Starlight Express is the 1984 rollerskating musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Five new songs were added and the show was redirected and re-choreographed in 1992. The story, a variation of The Little Engine that Could, shows how Rusty, the shy steam engine, races against Greaseball, the flashy diesel locomotive, to win the love of Pearl, the prettiest carriage in town. Rusty's Poppa convinces him to believe in the Starlight, a magical force that will give him confidence to win the race.

The score includes:

  • Starlight Express
  • Engine of Love
  • Light at the End of the Tunnel
  • Only You
  • Rolling Stock
  • Call Me Rusty
  • A Lotta Locomotion
  • Freight
  • AC/DC
  • Coda of Freight
  • Crazy
  • Make up My Heart
  • The Blues
  • Laughing Stock
  • The Rap
  • One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many
  • Next Time You Fall in Love
  • I Am the Starlight
  • Right Place, Right Time
The elaborate train costumes feature 22 types of leather and weigh about fifty pounds each. The cast rotates over 50 pairs of rollerskates each performance. Like Webber's other musical, Cats, Starlight Express appears to be made for children, though the latter seems to make much more sense.

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