Today, we joined the gatherers. We started with some informal rituals, to show this was where we truly wanted to be.

Yesterday we were with the hunters - or at least that's what we called them, though it's been a long time since they've hunted anything. These days they spent their time implementing the suggestions from the gatherers.

And so we were here today at the source, where we would be hooked into all the machines and sensory devices from which we would make the decisions sent into the wider world. There were five of us today, though sometimes I've seen as many as twelve. The number didn't matter so much as the quality of how we processed the incoming information, which itself hinged on how well we got along with one another. Sometimes we would split up into smaller subgroups. Other times we would join larger ones.

It was an interesting experience being attached to the hivemind, even if indirectly. In many ways it was as if a third eye was opened in our minds, from which we could see and experience things we never could as hunters. Some have called it a spiritual experience. However it also tended to be a little overwhelming after a few days, and then a few of us would probably excuse ourselves and find a band of hunters to join again.

There was a constant exchange between the two sides. Each day was different - you could never be quite sure who would leave or show up. We did still keep up informal networks of friends and relatives though, even as they migrated into and out of the hivemind. In some ways, these informal clans formed units of their own, even if their pieces were usually not together.

Our sensors had improved to the point that we could virtually experience everything another one of us was experiencing, if we so choose. That level of communication helped us advance at levels far beyond anything seen in the previous era.

But today we had a pretty good group of gatherers. Maybe we should try to convince them to join us hunting when the time comes.

Or at least keep them in the loop as to our clan's future activities.

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