My friend's little sister started working at Blockbuster a little while ago. While the three of us were hanging out one evening, she started talking about how the store she worked at lost, on average, two movies a week to thieves. Further, she told us that, if she ever wanted to, store policy is such that she could probably rip off all sorts of movies from the corporate giant. We asked her how this might be done. Now, without further ado, here's how you, too, can steal from Blockbuster.

  1. Know this: Blockbuster employees are not permitted to chase you outside of the store. They are supposed to note your license plate and report it later.
  2. The things that set off the metal detectors are the Please Be Kind, Rewind stickers. You'll need to remove them covertly before you leave the store. Practice this at home if you want on rented movies.
  3. Wear a trench coat, or other clothing you can hide things in. Most Blockbuster employees aren't terribly attached to their company, but don't insult their intelligence by just walking out holding tapes.
  4. Time your visits for busy parts of the day. Wearing a trench coat means you'll probably be watched, so give your self all the breaks you can get.

Congratulations, you're a petty larcenist.

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