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Stefanie Maria Graf was born in Mannheim on the 14th of June, 1969. She has a brother (Michael) and four dogs. She will pass on to tennis history as one of the greatest ever players.

She began playing at the age of four, and became a professional player in 1982. She entered the top ten first time in 1985, and became #1 in 1987, position she held for 186 weeks, the longest held #1 in tennis history. She has won 22 Grand Slams and a total of 107 titles, until she retired in 1999.

She plays right-handed and features a rich game, with exquisite technique and a very strong will in the court. Steffi bases her game in technical finesse rather than physical prowess, with an excellent execution of all moves.

Some selected records and stats

Grand slams

Info adapted from her official site: www.stefanie-graf.com and the Steffi Graf International Supporters Club, www.sgisc.com.

Dedicated to Steffi, which has given us some memorable games, and has always been an example for me.

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