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A Hong Kong blockbuster movie based on a popular series of comics released in 1998.

"Don't punish the monkey!"

Cast of characters:

Lord Conquer (Sony Chiba) - Master of the dramatic scowl and evil laugh - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ruthless leader of a clan determined to take over the martial arts world.

Jester - Lord Conquer's advisor. Has a powder white face and strange clothes.

Mud Bhudda - Lord Conquer's fortune teller. Walks around with his eyes closed for some reason.

Whispering Prince - Wind's Dad. Challenges Lord Conquer to a duel with bamboo.

Striding Sky - Cloud's Dad. Makes 'Life's Best Sword'.

Whispering Wind - The first of the children Lord Conquer is told to take in. Learns 'Wind Kicks'.

Striding Cloud - Has cool blue tips and black hair. A moody loner. Skilled in 'Cloud Palms'.

Frost - Looks after Wind when he was first rescued by Lord Conquer. Is naive. Learns 'Frost Fists'.

Charity - Lord Conquer's daughter. Loves Wind & Cloud which causes trouble.

Hawk & Bat - Lord Conquer's servants and Clouds companions on his first mission.

Son of 'Unchallenged City' Ruler - Looking for 'Fire Monkey'

Fire Monkey - Belongs to the Shaolin temple. Is reputed to lead people to Mud Bhudda.

Shaolin Monk - A cool monk who turns up at opportune moments in the action and says 'Bhudda be praised'.

Pigtails - A young girl who is being looked after by Mud Bhudda when Wind & Frost find him.

Sword Saint - Challenged by Lord Conquer to a duel. Must wait 10 years. Has a special sword.

Dr with Fire Dragon arm - A herbalist who decides to help Cloud later on.

Muse - The gawky daughter of the herbalist. She is funny though and I liked her better than Charity for some reason.

Fire Beast - Lives in the Cirrus Cave and stirs 'When the river reaches the Bhudda's knees'.

I've seen this movie quite a few times on video, but it was good too see it on the big screen where the special effects really came into their own.

This is one film I would recommend to people who haven't seen many Hong Kong movies and want something that is accessible.

Rating : 10/10

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