Scott Ian (of Anthrax), guitar
Charlie Benante (of Anthrax), drums
Dan Lilker (of Anthrax and Nuclear Assault), bass
Billy Milano (roadie for Anthrax, later Methods of Destruction a.k.a. MOD), vocals

Band bio

During a lull in the band's touring schedule in 1985, Anthrax's guitarist and drummer assembled this side project strictly for shits and giggles. Originally the "band" was called Crab Society North. They recorded a demo that became the 16-song debut album, Speak English or Die. Chock full of un-PC lyrics and super-fast thrash/speed metal, the album was a big hit in certain circles.

Scott Ian said that first he conceived of the comic book character, Sargent D, after finishing his guitar tracks on Spreading the Disease. The skeletal character was a caricature of "your average right-wing gung-ho American." The character developed into the epitome of all hate, aggression, intolerance, and anger. Out of these scribblings (described by Ian as "Feverishly working, spewing hatred from my pen, day and night, seeing the world through the eyes of a living, breathing, dead, decaying pillar of hatred.") came about ten songs that he then played for his bandmates. The rest is history.

After the release of Speak English or Die, the band toured with such acts as Suicidal Tendencies, Wendy O. Williams, and Motorhead. By the end of 1985, the band fizzled.

In 1988, the band reunited to play a gig for the fifth anniversary of Megaforce Records. They played a few more shows in the 1990s and put out a live album from a show in New York. In 1999, they released a new studio album. I haven't heard it though, so I can't tell you about it.


Speak English or Die, 1985
Live at Budokan, 1992
Bigger than the Devil, 1999

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