Since everyone seems to think Davis is boring. i thought i'd node some of the stuff to do around here. Yes, Davis is sometimes boring but i havent ever been to a place that doesnt get boring at times. Generally during the school year, when people are around, its not too bad. One of the most popular things to do in Davis is drink alcohol. I imagine this is true just about anywhere. But since Davis is a pretty enclosed little community, surrounded by farmland, and because you can walk home from almost any part of town, getting drunk is rather popular. This often takes the form of going to frat parties. Most of these are lame, full of ugly people and annoying music. But the beer is often free, even though it is usually natty lite. So, you can go hang out, act dumb, pee in the bushes, and meet girls who arent too bad looking after about 5 beers. Once you turn 21, a whole new world of opportunities opens itself. Especially popular places to drink are Sudwerk and the Cantina. If you want to eat pizza while getting drunk go to Woodstocks. Other places people go are G Street Pub and The Grad. I dont prefer these as much, g street pub is full of rednecks and anal people and the grad is sorta 'dorky'. Or there's always 7-11. People card pretty dilligently in Davis when you try to buy booze.. but wont ever enforce the drinking law at parties. (if they did the city would riot).

People also smoke marijuana in Davis although not as much as in such places as Humboldt or Berkeley. Since i dont smoke pot i dont know where you'd go to do this. But I doubt it's hard to find.

If you dont want to drink, or want something to do while drunk, there are plenty of other options too. You can always go see a movie or just hang out with your friends. If you live in the dorms there are usually some big fat starcraft tournaments going on. They also sometimes premiere movies in the Chem building. There's the usual plethora of clubs and organizations on campus too... from those controversial racial clubs to clubs devoted to stuff like backpacking or scuba diving. If you like to ski or snowboard, and like getting drunk, you could join the SOS club. If you like to skateboard you can go to the skate park.. but its usually infested with teenyboppers.

Davis has a pretty good selection of restaraunts for its size. You can get mexican food thai food indian food chinese food sushi etc. The restaraunts arent too hard to find and no one really agrees on which are the best, except that you should avoid Lyons. The best fast food place to go is In N Out although they have just about every fast food restaraunt youd expect to see. a lot of old timers like murder burger but i find it to cost more than In N Out and taste worse. Other popular things to do in Davis involving leaving Davis. One option is to go to the Cache Creek casino northeast of town. Also, there is some stuff to do in Sacramento. For those hella-sayers who like the Bay Area, its less than 2-hours away. Also nearby is Lake Tahoe, great place to snowboard in the winter and hike, camp, or boat in the summer. If you go west you can go to Lake Berryesa or Napa County. If you go north you will be in Woodland. I dont really recommend going to Woodland.

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