A 1963 hit feel-good film starring Cliff Richard (and Una Stubbs, apparently), and the title track of the film. This is still the one song Sir Cliff is most associated with. Actually it's quite good as a tune.

We're all going on a summer holiday
No more working for a week or two
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday
No more worries for me or you, for a week or two

(Remaining lines deleted to prevent copyright violation. They're talking about the sun and the blue sky, and dreams coming true... it's not Flaubert, it's just pop lyrics.)

The single was number one in the UK charts for two weeks from 14 March 1963.

A stage musical of it was produced in 1996-1997, starring Darren Day. It did very well in Blackpool, then ran for a couple of months at the Apollo Hammersmith in London. So that's that then.

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