The Sun Crusher is an ultimate weapon introduced by Kevin J. Anderson in one of his post-rebellion Star Wars fan fiction trilogies. It seems to neutralize enemies of the author when they read his books,causing them to roll around on the floor with laughter. Thus rendering them defenseless.

What makes the Sun Crusher into the perfect device to ruin any trilogy?

It's invincible. That's right, invincible. It can fly through suns, planets, other ships, etc without a scratch. You'd think this would be sufficient in itself since, as anyone who's played X-Wing with cheat codes knows, an invincible ship with just a few turbolasers can eventually waste a Star Destroyer. But, no...

The Suncrusher can also destroy entire stars. I think the thinking behind it goes something like this..."Let's see...the Death Star can destroy and entire planet, let's introduce something that can destroy stars! That way you can nail five or six planets and a moon at the same time! People will love it!"

How does this marvel of technology destroy the star? With torpedoes! Wouldn't this make the torpedoes themselves the ultimate weapon and not the Sun Crusher, since you could presumably load the torpedoes into any ship, launch them, and run before your target goes nova?

The Sun Crusher is a weapon so powerful that it reached out of the novels and destroyed my desire to ever read anything by Kevin J. Anderson again...when your novels are so terribly insulting to the universe about which you write that they insult a fourteen year old,(My age when I read this particular trilogy) then you know you can ruin anything.

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