Sunset Park is a public park in Brooklyn, New York.

The park is located between 41th through 45th Streets and 5th through 7th Avenues atop of one of the highest points in Brooklyn. There is an excellent view of New York Harbor to the west. Sunset Park was initially acquired in 1891 and was expanded to its present size of 24.5 acres in 1905. It included a six hole golf course and a carousel. These features were removed when the park was redesigned and a public pool opened in 1936. This pool is open in the summer. The park was expanded in 1988 with a new fountain, swings, and additional benches.

Sunset Park is also a neighborhood in Brooklyn stretching from 15th Street and New York Harbor to 65th Street and 8th Avenue or Fort Hamilton Parkway. It is bordered by Park Slope to the north, Borough Park to the east, and Bay Ridge to the south. The Gowanus Expressway cuts through Sunset Park, above 3rd Avenue. Greenwood Cemetery is located in Sunset Park. Sunset Park became a neighborhood in the late 19th century, when workers from the busy docks to the west found housing there. The area was considered part of Bay Ridge until 1965 when it began being called Sunset Park. When shipping moved across the harbor to New Jersey in the 1960s, Sunset Park became a residential neighborhood for immigrants of all origins. Today, Latino and Chinese families make up a large part of the 100,000 New Yorkers who live in Sunset Park.

Sunset Park is also a 1995 movie starring Rhea Perlman. The story concerns a teacher who takes over an undisciplined, unsuccessful high school basketball team. She teaches them lessons about themselves and about life. They learn the value of teamwork and start winning, as a team.

Sunset Park is also the soundtrack album for the movie. It's got east coast and west coast rappers together.

Track List from
1. High 'Til I Die - 2Pac
2. Motherless Child - Ghostface Killer
3. Just Doggin' - Tha Dogg Pound
4. Back at You - Mobb Deep
5. Are You Ready - Aaliyah
6. It's Alright - Groove Theory
7. Elements I'm Among - Queen Latifah
8. Keep on Keepin' On - MC Lyte
9. Hoop N Yo Face - 69 Boyz
10. For the Funk - Adina Howard
11. We Don't Need It - Junior M.A.F.I.A.
12. All Uv It - Big Mike
13. Thangz Changed - Onyx
14. Shorty's Game - Miles Goodman

Sources: New York City Parks Department
Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation

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