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A villain published by Marvel Comics. The Super-Skrull first appeared in Fantastic Four #18 in 1963.

The Skrulls were a group of reptilian aliens with the ability to change their shape. The Skrull empire attempted to take over the Earth, but were rebuffed by the Marvel Universe's premiere group of heroes the Fantastic Four. The emperor Dorrek decided to avenge this defeat.

Investing a huge amount of resources in the project, Dorrek had a group of scientists alter a Skrull warrior named K'lrt so that he would possess the super human abilities of the Fantastic Four. Powered by cosmic radiation beamed from the Skrull homeworld, K'lrt had the ability to stretch his body parts like Mr. Fantastic, turn invisible like the Invisible Woman, become fiery like the Human Torch, and gain the invulnerability of the rocky skin of the Thing along with his enhanced strength. Taken together, K'lrt was a formidable foe and took on the name Super-Skrull.

Travelling to Earth, the Super-Skrull engaged the Fantastic Four, but was defeated when Reed Richards deduced that he gained his power from a projected beam and blocked the transmission. The Super-Skrull later escaped and clashed with the Fantastic Four as well as Thor and the Kree hero Captain Marvel. Every time, the Super-Skrull met with defeat and finally was abandoned by his homeworld.

Trapped on Earth with no way to get home, the Super-Skrull attempted to gain a crystal that would allow him to teleport home. He was opposed by Spider-Man and the original Ms. Marvel, who used the crystal to send the Super-Skrull into space with no way to reintergrate his atoms.

Years later, the Super-Skrull's atoms were remerged by accident by the efforts of a research team in Canada lead by Walter Langkowski. Langkowski was also the Canadian hero Sasquatch. After killing the rest of the research team, the Super-Skrull forced Langkoski to build a device to send him home. But, the Super-Skrull's time in space had exposed him to unshielded radiation and he now had the Skrull version of cancer. Sasquatch was able to return the Super-Skrull to space as scattered atoms.

Years passed and the Skrull empire was shattered when their homeworld was destroyed by Galactus. During this time, the Skrulls also lost their ability to shape change. When the remnants of the empire were attacked by the Badoon, the Empress S'byll got the Silver Surfer to use his powers to reintergrate the Super-Skrull to protect his people. As he still had the ability to shape change, Skrull scientists were able to "jump start" S'byll's ability, who then was able to pass it on to other Skrulls.

The Super-Skrull was killed fighting an alien pirate named Reptyl for the right to be S'byll's consort.

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