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1973 German film, one of a series that appeared to be designed to cash in on the success of Disney's Herbie: the Love Bug. The original title was Ein Käfer auf Extratour. "Superbug" was a Volkswagen Beetle named "Dudu", and you can imagine the peals of laughter this prompted from me and my fellow nine-year-old moviegoers when I first saw it in 1976. Ha ha! They said doo-doo! DOO-DOO DOO-DOO DOO-DOO!!!


Unlike Herbie, Dudu was not sentient but he did have a control panel full of buttons that caused him to do all sorts of nifty things, like fly. His owner was a chap named "Jimmy Bondy" who made his living as a clown. I believe there was a plot but all I can remember is Dudu, shooting sparks as if twenty roman candles had been strapped to his chassis, ponderously floating over a line of parked cars and, later, the Alps.

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