Superteech was a sketch on the Benny Hill Show in the early 1980s.

The superhero persona of mild-mannered private school teacher Arnold McFuddpucker, he appears as a wavy bleach blond-haired (similar to Gorgeous George in appearance) chubby man in a blue unitard/glitter purple boxer shorts looking combo, with glitter purple mortar board and cape.

Apparently one of the students at the school at which McFuddpucker teaches is "Princess Jasmine", a Central Casting Disney "Middle Eastern Princess" type (played by Louise English). Kidnapped during Phys. Ed by Wanda, the Wicked West Wickham Whip Woman (a sentence the narrator cannot pronounce properly, though he tries mightily), her disappearance will result in a serious international incident. Luckily, Wanda's crone disguise contains a clue - an address nearby.

This looks like a job for SuperTeech (who transforms in an outhouse into his super-alter-ego) and his sidekick, Prefect (Jackie Wright in a gold lame schoolboy outfit).

After some success in infiltrating the nearby castle (which has an army of scantily clad Samantha Fox lookalikes as well as goose stepping enemy soldiers), they are captured (twice), but manage to rescue the princess eventually. But not before Wanda has Prefect up against the wall, popping balloons around his body with a whip in an act similar to knife throwing, and Superteech wins a whip duel with her by relighting candles with his whip (outdoing Wanda, who put them out with hers).

Smuggling the princess out in a rolled up carpet, they make their escape with her and save the day. Or do they?

This is classic Benny Hill. Pitch perfect sendup of late 70s superhero dramas, complete with bombastic theme songs, ridiculous premises and suchlike - and incorporating everything Benny was good at, from the graffiti gags at the beginning to the mostly silent physical comedy throughout most of the sketch, including multiple injuries to the groin and a novel use of a ball and chain.

Why even node this sketch? Because of the appearance of Wanda the Wicked West Wickham Whip Woman. A jet black bob on a good looking pale young woman, wearing a black leather and latex dominatrix outfit that was both scanty and left almost nothing to the imagination, snarling and wielding a whip. The fact that the woman could walk on those thigh-high high heeled boots was a trip in and of itself.

Thank you Benny, for putting a crease in the brain of a legion of then young men who are hitting their late 30s now. That and Felicity Kendal's bottom are some of the fondest prurient memories of a Britcom generation.

According to DTal the woman who played wanda was Alison Bell, a Benny Hill Mainstay.

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