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The Ch'oego Inmin Hoeui, often abbreviated SPA, is the unicameral legislature of North Korea. It has 687 deputies for a population of less than 22 million, making it, proportionally, one of the largest legislative chambers on Earth.

According to North Korea's constitution, the SPA has the authority to amend laws, formulate domestic and foreign policy, elect government officials, approve the budget, and declare war and peace. However, it does not have the authority to set its own agenda: its bills come from either the President, the Central People's Committee, the Administration Council, or the SPA's Standing Committee, all of which are filled at any given time by a handful of administrators hand-picked by the Korean Workers Party. Indeed, the SPA has never, to any Westerner's knowledge, opposed a government bill.

Before 1972, the Chairman of the Standing Committee (Kim Il Sung) was North Korea's head of state and head of government. Since then, that role has been shifted to a nominally separate presidency, but the president (now Kim Jong Il) is still superficially elected by the SPA.

Simple majority rules, and voting is by a show of hands. It's all very low-tech, but nothing more complicated is really required for what the Assembly does.

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