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Upon it's launch this was the fastest production bike in the world. Most people know it as the Hayabusa. The bike fits into the sport/touring category as opposed to the supersport bikes which are generally lighter and nimbler (more suited to a racetrack environment).

The GSX1300R was introduced in 1998 and went straight to the record books with a top speed of 317kph (Guiness book of records). Full performance figures are listed below:

  • 0-100kph: 3 secs
  • 0-200kph: 7.6 secs
  • 400m (Qtr mile): 10 secs

If these figures mean nothing to you look at it this way: In a particular performance test (I beleive it was by Road and Track) a Lamborghini Diablo went from 20-180kph in 10.41 seconds. The Hayabusa made the same speed in 5.86 seconds. Yes, it's that fast.

All this acceleration is a result of Suzuki's stonking 130kw inline 4 powerplant. This type of power is usually seen in low-ish spec sports cars (the current model Nissan Silvia makes about 147kw from a turbocharged 4 cylinder). Put this motor in a 215kg motorbike and it's easy to see that it's going to make tracks.

Despite the fact that it will spin the rear wheel at over 150kph, this bike isn't really all about speed (hmmm)...

Compared to supersport class bikes the seating position is comfortable (so I'm told) and the seat is well padded and relatively wide. This means that it can be used for long journeys without resulting in a visit to the local Chiropractor. There is also an optional 2nd seat with foldable footpegs for passenger carriage.

The 2001 model bikes were released with an electronically limited top speed and a few small refinements. It is essentially the same bike however and has lost none of it's appeal or desirability.

Source (performance figures): www.hyp4r.com/hayabusa

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