Some technical errors in the movie:
-The AWG-9 radar in the F-14 is a nose mounted phased array, it does not present a 360' picture. Furthermore radar sweeps are never clear or easy to interpret, except on training equipment.
-The ejection scene where Goose is killed is impossible. There is a lanyard in the back of the canopy that does not allow the Pilot/RIO seats to eject until it has reached full length and pulled out a small pin. I.e. a good thirty feet behind the tail of the aircraft.
-SAR swimmers would leave Goose's dead body in the water, and would have put Maverick on a spine board before loading him into the aircraft. Almost all ejections cause minor, (stress fractures in multiple vertebrae, slipped discs, etc.) to severe spinal injury (broken back or neck caused by being out of position during the ejection cycle.) Some pilots never fly again after their first ejection. The maximum number of ejections allowed a pilot over the total span of their career before they are grounded is three.
-Maverick would have been 'med down' for six to eight months following the ejection. See above.
-NAS Miramar has closed and is now MCAS Miramar. Top Gun is now located in China Lake, California.

From Lometa:

Though there is no officially recognised term Top Gun, the United States Navy instituted a school aimed at creating an elite group of fighter pilots to recapture the lost art of aerial combat on 3 March, 1969. The top one percent of Navy pilots are selected to attend. The flyers call it Top Gun after the wildly popular 1986 movie staring Tom Cruise. Officially the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School.

Top Gun was also a quite sucessful fighter game for the NES. It was a quite good (if not at some points confusing), first person pilot shoot-em up game. The purpose was to pilot your F-14 through four missions. You had your choice of three types of missiles to accomodate yourself with (they all had a basically linear power to quantity ratio). The landing and refueling sections were quite original, and no console game since has seen a similar concept. It had amazingly little to do with the movie, but was easily associated with due to it's big name. It was made considerably easier with the use of the NES Max or NES Advantage (as the unlimited ammo guns were a breeze on turbo).

It was released in 1987 by Konami, following the incredibly popular 1986 action film.

Top Gun marked the first time that Director Tony Scott teamed up with producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The pair also worked together on Beverly Hills Cop 2, Days of Thunder, Crimson Tide, and Enemy of the State.

Top Gun is also considered by many to be actress Meg Ryan’s big break. Since her appearance in Top Gun she has gone on to a celebrated film career.

Top Gun is an Arrow suspended roller coaster located at Paramount’s Kings Island. Located in Paramount’s Action Zone, Top Gun attempts to theme the riders into the entire experience of an aircraft carrier and flying a jet just as in the movie. Though opened in April of 1993, the age of this coaster is not noticed in the theming. The queue moves around, through, and up an aircraft carrier themed core designed by John DeCuir, the production designer from the movie of the same name.

The ride itself is a short minute and a half long but good for the often boring suspended coaster variety. The lift hill is slow and sometimes has a moment of rollback towards the top. A nice bonus to this ride is the short lift hill with a longer drop. The ride drops into a small valley created by the park environmental reassignment patrol (not an official title or really a title at all just something I made up on the fly). Furthermore, Top Gun has some fantastic laterals, more than most suspended coasters. Overall, I definitely enjoy Top Gun, more than Iron Dragon (Draggin’ Iron, but that isn’t hard). I do not, however, enjoy the sluggishness of the lift hill but hey, you take the good, you take the bad…

Top Gun
  • Height: 78’
  • Length: 2352’
  • Max Speed: 51 mph
  • Duration: 1:30
Sources include: and Paramount’s Kings Island.

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