MCAS Miramar

The 23,000 acre Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California was orignially started in 1917 as the 2,000 acre Camp Kearny and was used as a temporary stop for solders headed off to World War I, only a few stationary structres were built with most of the troops living in little tents. Kearny becamem a demobilization center following the close of the air and ceased functioning as a military base in 1920. With the Navy taking control of it 12 years later when it became a mooring station for the zeppelins, USS Akron and USS Macon. This ended shortly thereafter following the 2 dirigibles watery demise although the Navy still maintained control of the grounds.

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, there was a massive construction effort at the base, with runways being added and the Navy and Marine Corps occupying the base that had now formally been renamed to its present-day name. However, the Marines moved to the now abandoned MCAS El Toro in Irvine in 1947 and Miramar was renamemd as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station during which many of the base's buildings became run down, many being sold for scrap.

During the Vietnam War, the base became home to the so-called, "Top Gun" training school for fighter pilots (Now at the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Testing Center).

In 1993 with the Cold War coming to a close, the governmemt decieded to close MCAS El Toro and transfer the troops to Miramar, renaming it to Marine Coprs Air Station again.

Headquartered at MCAS Miramar

  • Marine 3rd Air Force Wing
  • Marine Wing Support Group 37
  • Marine Air Control Group 38


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