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The third Saturday in October. It was intended for people to show acts of kindness to each other. A Cleaveland man in the 1930s created the idea because he felt homeless orphans and other outcasts near his work were being too neglected and forgotten.

It became a national holiday, but has since been turned into somewhat of another Valentine's Day.

It’s like Valentine’s Day but around 8 months later. In case you don’t have a Valentine around February, you have some time to get yourself a sweetie.

Sweetest Day happens the third Saturday in October. The day is mainly devoted to a person’s sweetie and even gifts are often exchanged. These gifts include flowers, jewelry, and chocolates for the women and also concert or sports tickets, video games and movies for the men. A 'gift' can be as simple as spending quality time with a loved one.

Although women are more attentive to this special day, the men view it as nothing out of the ordinary.

If you are still confused about this occasion, it may be because it is mostly observed in Michigan, Ohio and a portion of New York.

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