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The T’Rang (pronounced ‘trang’, the apostrophe does not indicate a break in the word flow) are a race of intelligent, mostly humanoid, spider people found in the Wizardry universe. They are a prolific race that has expanded out into the stars and are a predominant force in interstellar trade. They have large fangs protruding from the sides of their mouths, eight appendages (though they are roughly bipedal with the extra four extremities being mostly vestigial), and speak with accentuated S’s, making them hiss a lot. They range in size from approximately 1 meter tall in the young spawn stage, to 1.3 meters for the average adult, to over 2 meters for the large queens.

Though they appear quite sinister, they are actually somewhat friendly, as long as you are in league with them. They freely give praise and compensation to those who ally themselves with the T’Rang Empire. Their disturbing appearance often leads other species to distrust them even though they always honor their contracts.

They harbor a long standing hatred of the Umpani and have recently developed an even greater animosity towards the Dark Savant. Their dislike towards the Umpani stems from so long ago, none really recall the exact reason, but it continues today because they each view the other as the major competition in the galaxy both in terms of trade and military power. They were recently associated with the Dark Savant as he hired a contingent of T’Rang to travel to Guardia in order to obtain the Astral Dominae. However, when they fulfilled their end of the bargain, the Savant took the Astral Dominae and escaped to Dominus in order to pursue his goal of becoming a Cosmic Lord. This betrayal ignited the fury of the T’Rang and they followed the Dark Savant to Dominus in order for revenge and to thwart his plans.

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