The Eulenspiegel Society (which is now officially chartered under its acronym, TES) is a New York City based not-for-profit organization which began informally in the winter of 1971 that promotes sexual liberation for all adults (Especially for people who enjoy consensual SM).

TES meets twice weekly to provide educational seminars and social networking opportunities. Periodically, TES also hosts private play parties for its members and guests.

The organization has a name appropriate to its origin as a group founded by masochists for masochists.

In German folklore, there's a tale of a man named Till Eulenspiegel. Till always seemed happier while he was climbing a difficult hill because he anticipated the joy of receiving the reward of striding downhill afterward. He gladly submitted to discomfort, enjoyed it, and even transformed it into pleasure. This is essentially the core nature of masochism.

I highly recommend TES to anyone in the NYC area that has an interest in topics relating to BDSM. Don't be afraid of going to your first meeting as it's something that you'll be infinitely glad you did once it's over with. If you're not in the NYC area and would like information on similar organizations, please refer to All Things Kink.

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In January 10, 2001 I went out to New York City to attend my first TES meeting. The topic was "Dominance & Submission; Sadists & Masochists; Service Subs & Pleasure Slaves" with Master Jim.

Guest of honor Master Jim gave a lecture on the dynamics of people who are prepared to give out pain, and the people who are prepared to take pleasure from said pain. Master Jim told the audience about the tenets of S&M -- "Safe, Sane, and Consensual." Then the lecture goes to the power people get from both sides, who gain more power but with the dominant side naturally having more than the sub. As an example, Master Jim told stories about him playing "Daddy" to women respectively playing the "Daddy's Little Girl." He used the "Daddy's Little Girl" example to show how long a dominant/submissive session can last in a given day -- he can make a whole field trip with his "Little Girl" in a day all over the city! The host of the meeting, Lady Red, brought over "Stephanie," a sissy maid dressed like Strawberry Shortcake who will take care of the circle meeting later to the end. It's like a LUG meeting -- lectures about theory and application of pain instead of running XFree86.

This meeting is a springboard to the various and specific kinds of fetishes that is covered in the TES. TES holds meetings that cover Age Play, Spanking, Animal Play, dominant/submissive people of both genders, multiple relationship types, and also the TES-TiNG group (The Next Generation) for younger people like myself. Last year, there were lectures and demonstrations (yay!) about fisting, knife play, and sex toys (with a few folks from Toys in Babeland). I should've known about those things, darn it!

The guests for the meeting are a great mix of beginners who have known the S&M scene, dominant/submissive couples, and newbies such as myself. I get to learn a bit about the interests and expertise of others in a roundcircle talk after the lecture. One of the more outstanding people were a couple who lives in a dom/sub relationship, and a guy named Stan who looks like Abraham Lincoln. A cute woman I sat next to (Kelly, who reminds me of dancer Charlotte d'Amboise) said that she is a domme who is into sadism. All I can say to myself was "I like." I have to know more about what she's into, so I asked her if she's going to drop by next time. Kelly is going to see the fem-dom group meeting (dominant women/submissive men) to see a man being trained to act as a dog.

After the circle meeting, I went out with Master Jim to the coffee shop to have dinner and a drink before going home. Most of the attendees dropped by, and we had a great night talking about stuff. I had a guy-to-guy talk with one of the TES members from New Jersey about getting along with women (his advice: Give 'em a challenge -- don't agree with them all of the time). Another guy who is going to next week's meeting to be "trained" as a dog talked about the fleeting and expensive moments with professional dominatrix. I walked out of the restaurant with Master Jim, with me going to the train station and Master Jim walking to home in the general direction of Rivington Street.

This Saturday (January 13, 2001), Master Jim will be celebrating his 17th year with the TES in "Paddles."

February 3, 2001 will be the day of a more age-appropriate party -- "The TiNG Fling."

Mental note: Ask Kelly about her interests as a domme, and ask her what kind of person is she looking for to be her next slave.

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