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Article I - Basic Obligations

Article II - The Organization

    A. General Provisions
    B. The Conference of the States Parties
    C. The Executive Council
    D. The Technical Secretariat
    E. Privileges and Immunities

Article III - National Implementation Measures

Article IV - Verification

    A. General Provisions
    B. The International Monitoring System
    C. Consultation and Clarification
    D. On-Site Inspections
    E. Confidence-Building Measures

Article V - Measures to Redress a Situation and to Ensure Compliance, Including Sanctions

Article VI - Settlement of Disputes

Article VII - Amendments

Article VIII - Review of the Treaty

Article IX - Duration and Withdrawal

Article X - Status of the Protocol and the Annexes

Article XI - Signature

Article XII - Ratification

Article XIII - Accession

Article XIV - Entry into Force

Article XV - Reservations

Article XVI - Depositary

Article XVII - Authentic Texts

Annex 1 to the Treaty List of States Pursuant to Article II, Paragraph 28

Annex 2 to the Treaty List of States Pursuant to Article XIV

On to Preamble

Please also see Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty for more information. This information taken from http://www.state.gov. If you notice any html errors, or linking errors, please /msg me. I've kept the other nodes pretty free of links, because it looks better that way. I tried it out in E2 Scratch Pad, and ultimately decided to keep them pretty clean.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) was ratified by the United Nations in April 1996 158-3. It requires that 44 nuclear capable countries ratify it in order to go into effect. Once in effect, a global effort will be taken to monitor and stop all nuclear testing across the globe. If it is ratified, it will undoubtedly be a huge step in the right direction for humanity.

Currently, 75 countries, 43 nuclear capable countries have ratified the treaty. The hesitant country? Why, the good old USA of course. After rigorously supporting the treaty all through its tenure up until its passing vote by the General Assembly. However, the United States Congress failed to ratify the CTBT in summer of 1999. Without the support of the world's lone superpower, this treaty is all but dead. Alas, what a pity.

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