AKA the TI-83+, it really should be called the TI-84 due to the drastic differences between the two. It contains 184k of archive space, Flash ROM, and com-fucking-pletely different assembly. This means that there is a dearth of good games for it currently, but I'm working on that.

Introduction to the Ti-83 Plus
The TI-83 Plus is nearly identical to the TI-83, maintaining backwards compatibility, like the psx1 to the psx2- programs for the plus may not work on the 83, but all 83 programs(except ASM due to a different CPU chip) will work on the plus. It also has greatly increasing available memory and allowing for flash-upgradeable ROM and commercial calculator-based applications, available at the TI website. Note: Some of this was taken from www.ticalc.org

Model Specifications
CPU : 8 MHz ZiLOG Z80 (running at 6 MHz)
Memory : 24K RAM, 160K Flash ROM
Screen Size : 96x64 pixels; Black and White
Link Port? Yes

The TI-83+ is a calculator made by Texas Instruments.
There is much software that has been released for the TI-83+ that expand it's capibilities and make it more like the infamous TI-89. Three of the more notable ones are as follows:
Symbolic, by Detached Solutions;
Gives access to the other trigonometric functions: cosecant, secant, cotangent, their inverses, their hyperbolic versions, and the inverse hyperbolic versions; finding the derivitive of a function; finding the length of an arc from one point to another on a function; a simplification tool much like the TI-89's; and a few other useful tools.
Omnicalc, by Detached Solutions;
Allows for different base calculations, prime factorizations, modular artithmatic, square-rootsimplifacation, a really nice parentheses assistant, a menu for entries instead of repeated 2nd-enter pressing, lowercase letters, a clipboard, a custom menu and much more.
PrettyPrint, by Sabastian Theiss
Makes your TI-83+ calculator more like a TI-89 in the way you can display your calculations. It displays whatever you type in like a TI-89 would, which is with much more clarity than you would usually have with the TI-83+'s basic displaying, allowing for fractions, square-roots and many other things to show up much better.

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