Because of the immense popularity enjoyed by the TI-83+, Texas Instruments developed the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. Introduced in 2001, the TI-83 Silver Edition is described by Texas Instruments as an upgrade to the TI-83 Plus for those who need the extra space and processor speed. The TI-83+ SE is virtually identical to its predecessor, the TI-83 Plus, with a few key exceptions.

  • The flash memory has been expanded from 160K to 1.5MB (1.3 effective MB), enabling storage for up to 94 applications. The merits of this expanded storage space are not apparent until Virtual Calc is used on the calculator. Virtual Calc, produced by MirageOS makers Detached Solutions, utilizes the additional space to create two virtual TI-83+ calculators.
  • The calculator comes packaged with the TI Graph Link, an indispensable tool for any serious TI user. The TI Graph Link is a simple serial dongle (you must use your linking cable to connect the calculator to the dongle) which interfaces to your PC. With the TI Graph Link, you can download games and apps - even update your calculator's operating system! TI Graph Links are somewhat difficult to find offline, so this included link is a godsend to anyone bored in math class.
  • The calculator's Zilog processor clock is effectively 2.5x faster than the TI-83+'s
  • The calculator's case is constructed almost entirely of translucent plastic. No new buttons have been added, but the button font has changed, and the Alpha button's color was changed from teal to translucent green.
  • Several apps come preloaded onto the calculator, such as Periodic Tables, Puzzle Pack, Start-Up Customization app, and a few others

Overall, it is a worthwhile investment for middle school math, but for more complex math, go with the TI-86

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