DSP (digital signal processing) can remove TV pop up ads and logos

The presence of annoying TV pop up ads and logos has increased to the level of intolerable. Hence the need for the TV pop up ad blocker device.

The device connects between the TV set and the video signal, and uses DSP to remove TV "pop up" ads. The signal is analyzed for the presence of advertising text, and logos, added to the signal by upstream DSP.

TV pop up ads are detected by heuristic programming that analyzes relative brightness, contrast, color, image movement, and the presence of text.

Once TV pop up ads are identified, the signal processor box determines background brightness, color and contrast around the pop up ad, which is then replaced with averages of the background areas on which the pop up was sitting. This effectively blurs away the ad so its presence becomes practically or totally invisible.

Couch potatoes can have a less irritating TV watching experience.

I look forward to buying one of these.

Update: This would also be a great web-browser add-on.

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