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Narn warrior captured by the Streib, and rescued by fellow captive John Sheridan.
    (cf. "All Alone in the Night")

Served as a personal assistant to Na'Far after the Fall of the Narn Homeworld concluding the Narn-Centauri War. His duties brought him on several visits to Babylon 5 where he pledged to serve as Sheridan's bodyguard, for rescuing him.

    (cf. "A Day in the Strife")

Ta'Lon, as a Narn warrior, carried a large sword, resembling a Katana Sword across his back, to designate his role.

As G'Kar understood the destiny of the Narn, Ta'Lon was his most loyal supporter, and kept G'Kar's feet to the fire when G'Kar would become discouraged, or waver from his quest.

    (cf. "The Ragged Edge")

Later became G'Kar's replacement as ambassador to Babylon 5 in late 2262.

G'Kar described the two of them in this analogy:

    The people need a representative who is as much priest as warrior. As much as G'Kar is a priest, Ta'Lon is a warrior
    Now, G'Kar has become too much of a priest, and not enough warrior, and Ta'Lon, though a warrior, is becoming more priestly.

    "Serve our people reasonably, fairly, and with honor,
    The rest will attend to itself."

      (cf. "Objects at Rest")

Ta'Lon first appeared in "All Alone in the Night" as a nameless Narn.
Ta'Lon appeared as a named character in "A Day in the Strife"
Ta'Lon became the Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5 in "Objects at Rest"

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