A lot of the dyadic operators mentioned above have historical names and symbols in symbolic logic. The use of AND, NOT, XOR, XNOR, and NAND have only recently come into prominence due to their use in computer science. Let me contribute the names, numbered from 1:

  1. Falsum operator (Written F)
  2. Pierce arrow function (Written as a downward pointing arrow, ↓)
  3. No special name, is the negation of the converse of material implication (symbol is U turned to the right and slashed)
  4. slashed left arrow
  5. No special name, negative of material implication (U turned to the left and slashed)
  6. slashed right arrow
  7. exclusive or, (slashed tribar)
  8. Sheffer stroke function (written |)
  9. Conjunction
  10. Tribar (if and only if, ≡ )
  11. Right arrow
  12. hook, or material implication operator (U turned to the left, ⊃)
  13. Left arrow
  14. Converse of material implication/hook operator (U turned to the right ⊂)
  15. Inclusive disjunction
  16. Verum operator (written V)

Feel free to correct, my symbolic logic is rusty.

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