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Every summer, the American media blasts stories of China holding "wargames" exercies in the Fujian province, the place closest to China. The sensationalist media then proceeds to trumpet reports of "Chinese aggression", ignoring the fact that Taiwan is populated by people of Chinese origin, and that the wargames happen every summer, not just in Taiwan election years. "Experts" go on CNN to talk about the futility of China's efforts and the immiment independence of Taiwan. The day Taiwan seperates from China is the day World War III starts, IMHO.

The US administration threatens to send a carrier over there to the Taiwan Straight, again ignoring the fact that the US Pacific Fleet is there all year round anyways, patrolling the South China Sea and the Spratly Islands.

While the love of false reporting continues in the US, Taiwan conducts their own wargames on the island of Quemoy, barely 10 miles away from the Chinese coast. A lot closer than China would like, but who cares? The Americans are there to protect them right? This goes unreported by the media, and what little coverage it gets is passed off as self-defense. This year round, they used borrowed American military hardware once again. F-16's, anti-sub helicopters, tanks, the whole deal. Considering Taiwan is not even recognized by the US government, they're lending a lot of help to them.

I'm sick of Taiwan's self-victimization stance and the US government and media's tendency to believe those lies. If anything, it was the Nationalist Kuomintang party's fault there is such a deep rift between mainland China and the renegade province Taiwan. Hiding behind a hesitant American shield is not exactly the best way to go. Taiwan will be unified with China. It's just a question of time.

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