The world hadn't heard much out of Team Jet-Poop for years. It seemed that Jack, Edward, Todd, Patrick, Olivia, Oscar, and Phillip just didn't want to show their faces after the water park debacle, and honestly, I didn't blame them.

In 2003 the first (and only) Team Jet-Poop water park opened. It was a fabulous place, but perhaps they shouldn't have called the waterslide "The Poop Chute". Looking back now it seems perfectly obvious that they shouldn't have called the hamburgers "poopburgers" and that having ice cream carts that sold "cold poop mounds" was just a mistake. Of course hindsight is always 20-20, isn't it?

The park closed in shame only a few days after the grand opening, right around the same time that The False Team Jet-Poop first reared their ugly heads. Jack, Edward, Todd, Patrick, Olivia, Oscar, and Phillip got onto the Poop-Jet that day and took off for parts unknown.

I was on my way home from work, eager to get home and get started on the leftover meatballs that I had in my fridge. I always make extra because I like them so much. I noticed the scorch marks on my driveway as I drove up, someone had landed a jet here, that was obvious. Had Team Jet-Poop been here?

My thoughts were confirmed when I went to unlock my door, the deadbolt was unlocked and the bottom lock was locked. I always did it the other way around, but Olivia still had a key, and she always locked up that way. It was one of those things that we would argue about from time to time. I don't think that is what ended the relationship, but it certainly played a part in it.

I went inside and there was a note. Sorry we missed you, try to catch you next time we are in town. I was overjoyed and sad at the same time. I really missed Olivia, she was here (along with the rest of the team I assume), and I missed her. I wanted to see her more than anything, but I was afraid it would just be all the same hurt all over again.

Luckily I could console myself with a plate of tasty meatballs. I went over to the fridge, opened the door, and my plate of meatballs wasn't there. Looking around I saw the plate freshly washed and sitting in the dish drainer. It seems that Team Jet-Poop had eaten my balls.

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