This is a form of snobbery applied specifically to the sphere of technology and those involved in it. The idea that because someone is in the inner circle of a technology or society is enough to make some people snobbish and downright rude, but even worse, it makes some people condescending and self righteous.

It is common amongst certain types of sysadmins (the one sitting opposite me now, for instance) and moderators and very common amongst IRC OPs.

Technical Elitism is very closely connected to the same human tendencies to be either a good winner or a bad winner. Bad winners gloat and boast. Good winners appreciate their good fortune and never feel they have to prove themselves. A Technical Elitist is someone with a bad self image.

Some people have made the upper echelons of technology and never felt that they have to tell every second person about it or make billions. Some People even spend a lot of time helping others use the knowledge they have gained.

Technical Elitists are actually just thugs in a different job.

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