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Tell me WHY ...

If the idea of some Government Supervisor hiring their niece as an assistant makes your blood boil because that is nepotism, why is a President who hires ALL his children, and his son-in-law into high federal positions just fine with you?

If the thought of a pregnant wife being cheated on by her husband upsets your sense of morality, why is it OK that tRump did so? And why did the video of him arranging to pay off a porn star to keep the story quiet not appall you?

If the notion of a Peeping Tom spying on young women when they might be in a state of undress greatly disgusts you, how can you so easily ignore the fact that tRump entered the dressing room of the Miss TEEN USA pageant when many of those women were only partially clothed?

If You consider yourself a righteous and morally upright person,how were you not aghast when videos of tRump proclaiming his ability--I'm sure in his mind it was more his "right" due to his wealth--to grab whatever pussy he wanted?

If you enjoy nature or even consider yourself an "outdoorsman" (or outdoorswoman!), and enjoy the beauty of our country, how can you condone a President who is willing to sell off great swathes of public land basically so big business can make more money?

If you care about the health of yourself, your family, your community, how can you approve of President who is virtually gutting the agencies who help protect us, like the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency?

If you have children--or even if you do not--how can you not even consider that Climate Change is real, and how can you support a President who denies the clear scientific evidence that our world is very close to the brink of disaster?

If you care about any of this, how can you continue to blindly follow this morally bankrupt, venal, unintelligent crook named Trump?

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