This guy walks into a pub and sits down by the bar. "Good evening" he says to the bartender. "If I show you something really amazing, will you give me a free drink?". "Sure" the bartender responds. So the guy opens his bag and produces a miniature piano. He then pulls out a very very small man, who sits down by the piano and starts playing ragtime favourites. "Wow!" says the bartender, and hands the guy a Scotch.

So, the bartender wants to know where the guy found the small pianist. "I can't tell you" the guy quickly responds. But the intrigued bartender really needs to find out, and offers the guy drinks on the house all night long if he lets him in on the secret. "Oh well" says the guy. "I have got this lamp with a genie in it. I got the pianist from the genie". The bartender can't believe his ears, and remains silent. "I'll offer you a trade, though" the guy tells him. "You can have the lamp with the genie, and in return, you'll give me free drinks for the rest of my life". It doesn't take the bartender long to realize this might be a good deal, and he soon agrees.

So the guy opens his bag again, and hands the lamp to the bartender, who immediately starts rubbing it. Soon a genie manifests itself from the bottle. "What do you wish?" the genie asks the bartender. "Ah... eh... I want a million bucks!" says the slightly unprepared bartender. And in a flash, the whole pub is filles with quacking birds. "What the hell is this?" shouts the bartender to the guy. "I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks!".

"Well" says the guy. "Do you really think I asked for a ten inch pianist?"

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