Formula: C2H2F4
Melting Point: -101 Degrees (Celsius)
Boiling Point: -26 Degrees (Celsius)
Molecular Weight: 102.03g

Also known as: HFC 134a, Fluorocarbon 134a, Norflurane, OfficeDuster, PerfectDuster

Tetrafluoroethane is a non-combustable, colorless liquid (or gas) used very frequently in compressed-air office duster products. The effects of the liquid and/or gas can be dangerous under certain conditions, but is usually safe to deal with on a minimal basis.

Upon contact with general air environments, tetrafluoroethane liquid rapidly turns into vapor. These vapors are damaging if inhaled, with the possibility of causing cardiac disorders, effects on the nervous system, as well as dizziness, drowsiness, or dullness. It is also a potential asphyxiant at high levels of concentration. Contact of tetrafluoroethane liquid with skin can cause frostbite very quickly.

Upon contact with fire or hot surfaces, tetrafluoroethane decomposes to form toxic and corrosive fumes.

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