Large state-funded university with over 40,000 students, located in Bryan-College Station Texas. Formerly a military school, it was eventually opened up to all students, including females. The only remnant now of the military school days is the Corps of Cadets, though the school does retain a conservative attitude towards politics, religion, and haircuts. Their arch-rival is the even larger, more liberal, and more urban University of Texas, located in Austin. Their mascot is a collie dog named Reville, or a Farmer, or a army guy named Sarge. Their fight songs and traditions are conflicting on that point.

One of their most famous traditions is the annual bonfire, which takes place before the football game with the University of Texas. They recently made headlines because the bonfire stack collapsed while being built, killing 12 students who were working on it at the time.

The oldest public college in Texas, Texas A&M was founded in 1876 in College Station. College station was named for the rail depot which was for a while he only way in or out of town. The station is gone, but the tracks are still very active, and only about 100 yards from my dorm.
A&M is home to about 40,000 students, known as Aggies. It's a slightly conservative school, if you define "slightly conservative" to mean "somewhere to the right of Gengis Kahn". It's probably the second most homphobic school in the state (where else could students get away with wearing "NO FAGS" T-shirts?).
The mascot is a collie named Reveille, kept by the corps of cadets (our version of ROTC). The corps is a throwback to the "old army" days when this was a military school. They wear uniforms to class, yell "sir" a lot, go running en masse at 6AM, and other things that no rational being would understand. It's a lot like trying to take boot camp and fresman year at the same time. Poor masochistic fools...

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