Big teeth. No, not just big. BIG. BIG BIG BIG teeth. Bigger than you. They could break your leg just breathing heavy. Not that they breathe, of course, which is damn lucky for you. And they're not white. No sir. Oh, sure, they're white on the surface, but inside they're black as midnight, black as poison, black with the shining almost-pure countenance of oil. (Almost pure. Cut in with a cup of cornmeal grits per square mile, just because.)

And there's oil. Lots of oil. So much oil you'd hardly think it would fit if the teeth weren't so damn big. But they're BIG. So big we got TWO damned large oil rigs rigged up, biggest damn orthodontic appliances the world has ever seen. Dentists run in fear. *I* run in fear.

Because these are TEXAS teeth, son.

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