The Thaana script is used to write the modern Dhivehi language of the Republic of Maldives, a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean. Like the Arabic script, Thaana is written right to left and uses vowel signs, but is not cursive. The basic Thaana letters have been extended by a small set of dotted letters used to transcribe Arabic. The use of modified Thaana letters to write Arabic dates from the middle of the twentieth century. Loan words from Arabic may be written in the Arabic script, although this custom is not very prevalent today.

Consonants are always written with either a vowel sign (U+07A6 to U+07AF) or the null vowel sign (U+07B0  ް  Thaana sukun). Both European (U+0030 to U+0039) and Arabic (U+0660 to U+0669) digits are used. Arabic numeric punctuation is used with digits of either type.

The character names are based on the names used in the Republic of Maldives. The character name at U+0794, yaa, is found in some sources as yaviyani, but the former is more common today.

Unicode's Thaana code block reserves the 64 code points from U+0780 to U+07BF, of which 50 are currently assigned.

Arabic Supplement <-- Thaana --> NKo

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 3.0 : 49
Unicode 3.2 : 1

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Other      Lo : 39
Mark, Non-Spacing  Mn : 11

Number of characters in each Bidirectional Category :

Right To Left Arabic   AL : 39
Non Spacing Mark      NSM : 11

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode Bidirectional Category for the character
  6. The Unicode version when this character was added

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.



     Basic consonants

U+0780   ހ   Thaana letter haa Lo AL 3.0
U+0781   ށ   Thaana letter shaviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0782   ނ   Thaana letter noonu Lo AL 3.0
U+0783   ރ   Thaana letter raa Lo AL 3.0
U+0784   ބ   Thaana letter baa Lo AL 3.0
U+0785   ޅ   Thaana letter lhaviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0786   ކ   Thaana letter kaafu Lo AL 3.0
U+0787   އ   Thaana letter alifu Lo AL 3.0
U+0788   ވ   Thaana letter vaavu Lo AL 3.0
U+0789   މ   Thaana letter meemu Lo AL 3.0
U+078A   ފ   Thaana letter faafu Lo AL 3.0
U+078B   ދ   Thaana letter dhaalu Lo AL 3.0
U+078C   ތ   Thaana letter thaa Lo AL 3.0
U+078D   ލ   Thaana letter laamu Lo AL 3.0
U+078E   ގ   Thaana letter gaafu Lo AL 3.0
U+078F   ޏ   Thaana letter gnaviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0790   ސ   Thaana letter seenu Lo AL 3.0
U+0791   ޑ   Thaana letter daviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0792   ޒ   Thaana letter zaviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0793   ޓ   Thaana letter taviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0794   ޔ   Thaana letter yaa Lo AL 3.0
U+0795   ޕ   Thaana letter paviyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0796   ޖ   Thaana letter javiyani Lo AL 3.0
U+0797   ޗ   Thaana letter chaviyani Lo AL 3.0

     Extensions for Arabic

U+0798   ޘ   Thaana letter ttaa Lo AL 3.0
U+0799   ޙ   Thaana letter hhaa Lo AL 3.0
U+079A   ޚ   Thaana letter khaa Lo AL 3.0
U+079B   ޛ   Thaana letter thaalu Lo AL 3.0
U+079C   ޜ   Thaana letter zaa Lo AL 3.0
U+079D   ޝ   Thaana letter sheenu Lo AL 3.0
U+079E   ޞ   Thaana letter saadhu Lo AL 3.0
U+079F   ޟ   Thaana letter daadhu Lo AL 3.0
U+07A0   ޠ   Thaana letter to Lo AL 3.0
U+07A1   ޡ   Thaana letter zo Lo AL 3.0
U+07A2   ޢ   Thaana letter ainu Lo AL 3.0
U+07A3   ޣ   Thaana letter ghainu Lo AL 3.0
U+07A4   ޤ   Thaana letter qaafu Lo AL 3.0
U+07A5   ޥ   Thaana letter waavu Lo AL 3.0


U+07A6   ަ   Thaana abafili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07A7   ާ   Thaana aabaafili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07A8   ި   Thaana ibifili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07A9   ީ   Thaana eebeefili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07AA   ު   Thaana ubufili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07AB   ޫ   Thaana ooboofili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07AC   ެ   Thaana ebefili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07AD   ޭ   Thaana eybeyfili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07AE   ޮ   Thaana obofili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07AF   ޯ   Thaana oaboafili Mn NSM 3.0
U+07B0   ް   Thaana sukun Mn NSM 3.0

     Consonant for Addu dialect

U+07B1   ޱ   Thaana letter naa Lo AL 3.2
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