Cursive is a style of writing in which all letters are connected. The Roman Alphabet has a cursive style. Arabic is always written in cursive.

Cursive is a Band from Nebraska that has lately been touring in the Bay Area in California. I recently was able to enjoy a show of theirs at Slims in San Francisco. They combine fascinating lyrics with amazing guitar-play and are unparalleled when experienced live. For information regarding tours, merchandise, bio, and the like, go to:

They are one of the best new (relatively) bands around, and have an impressive 5 cds and one split pressed so far. If you have a chance, you should see what you think of their sounds.





Her letters to me were a charming anachronism

folded notes on parchment paper 

sealed with wax 


Magnolia scented 


Vivid recollections of our nights together 

The curls of her cursive letters

rollling S  and looping J  

reminding me other shapes:

half moon lips 

the slope of her back


Cur"sive (k?r"s?v), a. [LL. cursivus: cf. F. cursif See Cursitor.]

Running; flowing.

Cursive hand,a running handwriting.


© Webster 1913.

Cur"sive, n.


A character used in cursive writing.


A manuscript, especially of the New Testament, written in small, connected characters or in a running hand; -- opposed to uncial.



© Webster 1913.

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